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Single Status Certificate Attestation in India

The issuing authority of single status certificate is a District Magistrate or Sub-Divisional Magistrate of your local region. Besides, the applicant can apply it in the court, where it is issued as an affidavit. Later, it is attested by the state HRD, and the ministry of external affairs authority. Finally, the foreign embassy legalizes it.


Easy Tips Steps to Get Your Birth Certificate Attested

The attestation of birth certificate defined that the document is legal and genuine. There are multiple types of attestations, which start with notary public, SDM or state level, foreign ministry and then, embassy. All of these attestations are required if one is likely to visit a foreign country. Otherwise, just local authority attestation is enough. 


Certificate for Confirmation of the Unmarried Status

An unmarried certificate is required for proving that he is married or single. It ensures that the person has no dependents. However, divorcee and widower can also apply for it because they also are counted as a single being. It states the authentic status, which prevents polygamy cases. 


How to Translate Immigration Documents

The translation of documents for immigration is compulsory if you have these in a regional language. The foreign country may have different language. So, the translation of birth certificate, marriage certificate, bachelorhood certificate, divorce papers or death certificate can be needed, which should be attested by the foreign ministry or authority of the resident country.


Expert Service to Renew OCI CardIn No Time from India Mumbai

Ensure OCI renewal in no time with an expert NRI services provider Services to NRI. Have an easy access to professionals and experts who take on challenges in immigration and documentation work. Extend OCI card validity or get a new one within a quick turnaround time. No need to hustle with government procedure personally. It is way easier to get your Overseas Citizen Card wherever you are, as we are online available with dedicated NRI services. No hidden cost with our services. Just share your details and requisite scanned documents remotely over the internet. Have it in a few days. Call for more details!


Steps to Get Certificate of Freedom to Marry from India

A letter of freedom to marry is also called the freedom to marry certificate. It is legally accepted worldwide for legalizing marriage with the foreigner. Many countries require it before marriage to determine the status of the person as if he is single or not. It needs to be attested and apostilled.  



One can easily get document translation services through a certified and approved translator who has been qualified for this role. The foreign authorities require it to be notarized and then legalized or apostilled from the competent authority in the country, such as MEA or USCIS or any other one.


How Long Does It Take To Get Cert of No Marriage in India

The certificate of no marriage is a proof that the person is legally single and has no dependent from the previous marriage. It generally takes a week or seven days for the people who live in India. For NRIs, the application procedure can be a month long, as it involves attestation from different authorities, as SDM, MEA and then, embassies.


Guidance Booklet for Marriages to Overseas India

Unmarried certificate refers to the authentic proof, stating that the bearer is single and has no dependent from matrimony. NRIs need it at the time of solemnizing marriage with a foreigner abroad. The SDM issues it from here to submit in the foreign and Indian embassy later to prove that the person is single.


How Can You Get Single Status Certificate in US Fortuneteller Oracle - Your Source for Social News Business and Networking

The single status certificate in the USA is called the certificate of Non-Impediment. It is a proof that the person is bachelor and single. The County/City/ Town Clerk Office issues a statutory statement for the natives and an affidavit for non-residents to get filled, verified and then, apostilled/attested from the embassy.


What is Transcript and Official Transcript

What the transcript is a document which is obtained from the school or college or institute that you have studied from. It consists of all details like subject, scores, credits and grades that you have attained during a particular course or academic year. It is required when you are likely to study abroad.