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The certificate of marital status determines that its holder is bachelor or married. It is mandatory to take its notice before awarding the candidate the permanent residency to the immigrants. To get it, one needs to produce the copy of passport, birth proof, residential proof, decree absolute, parent’s proof and an affidavit.

How Can You Apply for OCI Card in India

The OCI card provides a hassle-free ride to any part of India for NRIs. There are people who opt in dual citizenship of other countries. Such individuals can easily use it to travel here. This facility is available for people under 21 years or more than 50 years here while possessing the Indian passport.

What is CENOMAR why is it used for

CENOMAR is a legal proof of one’s singleness. It helps foreign authorities to figure out foreigners who are likely to get married with the natives. Besides, it is also used for determining the dependents of the person who is going to settle in a job abroad or taking admission in a foreign school or college.

K-1 K-3 Visa for Bringing Foreign Native Fiancé to the US

Procuring permanent residency of the USA is a process of hierarchical formalities. Marrying there or in abroad has different forms and process. The person has to follow the process of getting single status certificate or other bachelorhood proofs (if bachelor) or absolute decree (if separated) to get K-1 or K-3 visa.

Tips for NRI Investors to Invest in Indian Startups

How NRIs can invest in Indian startups is briefed here. For them, angel investment is one of the best and easiest investment alternative for non-resident community of India. Many Indian startups approach angel investors in the beginning for the sake of capital so that they can expand their business activities. As an investor, non-residents can expect a good return on investment. They can buy equity from the startups. But, it is necessary to get deep into various option.

How Can NRIs Get Registered to GST Framework Online

GST or Goods and Services tax is implemented for introducing transparency and uniformity to the tax-infrastructure of the country. With its introduction, the burden of multiple taxes (direct & indirect) would be cut down. Thereby, investment would be boosted up and so is nri investment.

Why is CENOMAR so Important

Why the CENOMAR is so important has several befitting replies while the one that suits most is that it is required for getting married in a foreign country ensuring that there are no cases of fraud and this also permits a person to marry in a distant country with his or her own spouse after calling them from their home country and completing the necessary formalities in the place where they will marry.

How Can You Get Scholarship Abroad

The idea of studying in a foreign country is indeed exciting. It exposes you to new possibilities and opportunities. Despite being highly competitive, ensure your eligibility in winning a scholarship to study abroad. Apply early, even if the deadline ends after a month or later. Go for small fellowships also because it won't have many to compete with.

Common Challenges Students Face While Studying Abroad

There are some common challenges that students face while studying abroad. Some unfavourable visa policies and revisions, difficulty in getting competitive job roles and paid internships, no peace of mind, scarcity of money, and skill development together with the study are difficult to manage.

How to Apply for Changing Name on Birth Certificate

Even if you have registered your birth, there is a scope to change your name on it. However, the registered name is your legal name. But, you may follow the same procedure that is prescribed for obtaining birth proof. An additional document, which is an affidavit for the change of name will be enclosed. Once issued, the applicant has to publish it in a local newspaper.

What is the Declaration of Marital Status

The declaration of single status certificate is a sworn document, which confirms that the person is single. It can be obtained from the embassy or the district magistrate in your native town, which is called a single status affidavit. It requires identity proofs of the applicant and parents to attest and verify.

Easy Tips for Certificate of Freedom to Marry Apostille

The certificate of freedom to marry is a legal proof of one’s bachelorhood, which is acceptable if it’s apostilled. This is called the legalization of the document, which is carried out by the embassy and the ministry of external affairs. They verify and then, apostille the paper to let you apply for marriage abroad.