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Things to consider while choosing A preschool | My Gym

Your child’s nursery and preschool years are the most important years for laying a solid foundation for your toddler’s educational journey and early childhood development for her future. As for you, knowing how to decide which preschool will make a good fit for your child will go a long way in helping you make the right choice.

While this is not easy, it is not tough either. What it may require from you though is investing lots of your time and energy in making well-thought through moves. This will be worth the effort. Start by asking around. Sitting down with parents and interviewing them in-depth, and seeking advice from close friends who may have gone through the whole process for their own children.

After all, you’ll want your child to be exposed to the best preschool curriculum. Spend a better part of her day in an enjoyable and nurturing environment, rather than in a cramped, dingy space. Also remember, during the first week of her attending a preschool, your child will be exposed to and has to interact with total strangers.

It is worth mentioning here that preschool is often a child’s first experience away from home and parents’ loving care. This is why the preschool you choose should and must be a place that will make your child relax and is at ease.

Start on the right foot

Once you have made a few choices based on your research, cost, distance from your home or place of work, and other basic factors move to the next step. Sit down to call each preschool and see whether you can further shorten your list. Ask more questions.

Check out whether the school is accredited (it has to be) and whether it has clear regulations that everyone follows to the letter. A good preschool will have consistent rules that make it clear to parents so they know what to expect.

Follow this up with a visit to the campus while the preschool is in session. This will give you first-hand exposure to how the school functions. Demonstrate the ways teachers interact with their wards and vice-versa. Does the classroom feel lively, fun and engaging?

Also, find out about the teacher-to-student ratio. The fewer the children a teacher has to be in charge of, the better it will be for your child. The fact is, no matter how good a teacher is she really can’t run a class and give the children the attention they deserve if she has to care for more toddlers. The rule of thumb is the number of toddlers shouldn’t exceed 10.

While you are at it, ask about staff turnover, since this is a good indicator both of how happy the staff is and how happy your child will be over the long term.