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What all you should be knowing about stainless steel

One of the most essential metals utilised in the industrial business is stainless steel. Because of the metal’s great demand, it is one of the most expensive metals in the business. This is just why many engineers ignore many of the advantages that come with it. Many of the engineers, on the other hand, think that investing in stainless steel will provide a good return on investment in the terms of usability as well as performance.


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Why should you always look out for metal fabrication

Steel is indeed a multifunctional and exceedingly durable metallic alloy composed mostly of iron, carbon, and trace amounts of sulphur, phosphorus, oxygen, as well as manganese. Carbon is actually a hardening agent that imparts hardness and endurance to steel. However, just 2% carbon should be combined with iron since additional carbon would actually make steel brittle. Steel is extremely important in our life and has a significant impact on us.

Flat Bar online

Flat bar is a low rectangular section ranging from 12 mm to 300 mm with edges varying in size. Galvanised flat bars are economical protective zinc coating to steel used for a variety of applications such as construction, architectural, engineering, manufacturing, and many other industrial & housing purposes.

What are Stainless Steel Pipe and their usage

The Stainless Steel Pipe schedules can figure out how much pressure each pipe type can hold. The higher the timetable, the more force must be contained. The ASME SA312 Stainless Steel Pipe is utilized in situations that require a high level of strength. The pressure classes of stainless steel Schedule 10 pipe are relatively modest. The Stainless Steel Pipe is also available in all grades. Although SS Round Pipe is the most popular, we also make SS Oval Pipe for unique applications. The Stainless Steel Rectangular Pipe could be employed in a variety of structural applications.

Steel and stainless steel fabrication fully explained

Steel is used to make a variety of equipment and tools, ranging from large gear used in industries to tiny garden tools. Steel is also utilized in the production of military weaponry, power line towers, as well as pipelines. Actually, we can't escape steel buildings or components since they pervade every aspect of our life. Pipe Fitting Singapore are actually very good.

Buy perforated panel online

Perforated metal, also known as perforated sheet or perforated panel, is a sheet metal that has been stamped or punched to create a patterned holes, slots, or decorative shapes. Perforated metal sheets can be made from different materials such as aluminium,

Stainless Steel Fabrication Singapore

At Kian Huat Metal, we specialises in custom metal fabrication of a wide range of stainless steel, aluminium and mild steel products to cater to the requirements of our customers. Our team of fabrication experts are equipped with many years of metal fabrication and steel fabrication related experience,

What are angle bars and its uses

An angle bar also recognised as an “L-bracket” or an “angle iron,” is a metal section in the form of a right angle. It is made of galvanized steel and is often used in handiwork or utilised on multiple surfaces through welding or drilling. Angle blocks are often used to assist beams and other platforms, but their value goes beyond their usual role. Angle bars can afford additional power, protect houses from corrosion and even present additional security.

Are stainless steel has considerable potential

Fabrication production processes change depending on the substance and the coveted end product. The method can be used in making mass-produced goods or custom designs. Whether mass-produced or system designed, the end results are made with a extensive range of metals and their alloys—stainless steel, reproduction steel, aluminum, copper, brass to name a few. In modern fabrication processes, possibilities are one or more of the subsequent methods will be used to complete or produce a part or end result.