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Readers Magnet A Scam? - ReadersMagnet

It’s already 2022, but Readers Magnet continues to feature in threads and discussions naming the company a scam and among the bogus publishing houses successful extorting unsuspecting authors. While ReadersMagnet has already issued statements and omnibus replies to these posts affirming our business’s legitimacy and mission, there are still those who raise the issue repeatedly, deliberately besmirching our good name and reputation online...


Breaking the Bonds: Escaping Stockholm Syndrome

“People deserve what they tolerate.” This is one of the most famous lines people quote regarding toxic and abusive relationships. And those who haven’t experienced it are the loudest to say it. But while this has been socially established to stop tolerating abuse, it seems to have done the opposite. Because of this quote, more people might stay with the thought that maybe they deserve to suffer in the wrong relationship because they have been too dumb to tolerate it earlier on...


5 Best Photography Locations in Madagascar

Madagascar is best known for its unique wildlife and biodiversity. It is home to an abundance of flora and fauna species found nowhere else on earth. Its distinctive ecology has even led some ecologists to refer the island country as the ‘eighth continent’. Currently, Madagascar is considered as one of the biodiversity hotspots in the world.


Happy Blessed Memorial Day to all Conquerors, Warriors, Friends and Family.

Blessings to all of you . I hope you all had a beautiful day. We have so much to be thankful for. I was able to get up this morning, put my feet on the floor and make myself breakfast. I thanked God for another day. As I sit having my morning coffee I thought about how many blessings I do have. I opened my front door and saw a few children playing in the park, laughing, talking, and playing freely on the swings, slide and monkey bars. I love watching the innocents of these beautiful child


Activities that Promote Children's Speech and Language Skills - Jo Ann Gramlich

There are many engaging interactive activities that you can participate in with your child during the early years of childhood in order to help them learn, understand and use language. This blog will introduce you to some of the most effective ways to make it possible for children to enhance their language skills during the developmental years. Here are some of the most productive activities that help promote speech and language development:


Reading for Different Age Brackets - Walter R. Hoge

Reading is doing something you enjoy. Indulging yourself in a novel is an excellent way to relax. It takes out your tension. It is a way of relaxing to take your mind off studies, work, anxiety on the uncertainty of life, distress, restlessness, problems, etc. Physically, it eases the rigidity in your heart and muscles while unwinding. Reading is good for you.


Web Traffic Optimization Orange Digital Technologies

Orange Digital Technologies aims to help small and medium-sized enterprises gain their footing in an increasingly competitive market. We help our clients create a strong digital presence to enable them to connect with their tech-savvy target audience, drive sales, and boost customer engagement and bottom line.


It’s Plane and Simple: Killing Time During Extended Travel Periods - Brian Clements

Going on a road trip or having a 12-hour flight? Planning to travel a long distance? People usually love traveling, but these are probably some things that people hate the most about traveling. Most of the time, being cooped up in a small spot will often lead people to feel very irritable, tired, or bored. So, here are a few things you may want to prepare to help kill time during travel:


Home | James Forker - The End of the Rainbow

In his first book, The End of the Rainbow: One Man's Unexpected Journey of Love and Loss through Leukemia, Jim Forker shares his story of love found and love lost. He had the woman he loved and a built-in family. Everything was bliss until the diagnosis. That's when Jim began the unexpected journey.


The Book | The Secret Empress

Relying on skills from his former life to stay alive, Joe has just four days to get Charley to safety before the most powerful criminal gang in China tracks them down. Hunted by every drug dealer, thug, and petty criminal who owes allegiance to the gang, can Joe and Charley survive long enough to see America?