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When Leaders Become Toxic: A Guide to Recognizing and Addressing the Problem

Discover how to recognize and address toxic leadership in your workplace with this comprehensive guide. Learn about the common traits and behaviors of toxic leaders, how they can impact the mental health of employees, and strategies for confronting toxic leadership in a constructive way. With insights and examples from various industries, this guide offers valuable tools for creating a supportive and healthy work environment. Prioritize mental health and keep toxicity out of leadership with this must-read resource.


A List Of Best Coaching Books: On Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is a critical skill for anyone who wants to be an effective leader or coach. However, coaching at this level comes with unique challenges and opportunities, and it requires a specific set of skills and strategies. In this blog, we have compiled a list of the best coaching books on leadership coaching to help you improve your coaching skills and be a more effective leader. These books provide practical strategies and techniques for coaching at the executive and leadership level, and they are based on real-world experience and research. Whether you are a new coach or an experienced leader, these books will help you enhance your coaching skills and take your leadership to the next level.

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Improving Psychological Well-Being at Workplace

A lot has been said about psychological well-being and our well-being as humans in general, but hardly has anyone talked about psychological well-being at work. This is the cord that I attempt to touch through this blog.

Work can make you sick – and work can make you happy. Depending on who you are, what you do, and how you are treated at work, one of these things is deemed to happen. And the fact that we spend the majority of our awake hours at work makes this even a bigger concern.


Productivity Hacks: 7 Ways To Be More Productive At Work

What’s holding you back from being more productive at work? Do you squander your energy on busy work that you enjoy? Or has the same problem been knocking on your door each morning?

You probably have a long list of things to do but not enough time to get them all done. Maybe you convince yourself to just get it done, skipping lunch and working longer hours. Maybe you just throw your hands in the air, admit that you can’t do it all, and start putting out the biggest fires or greasing the loudest wheels. And yet, you are aware of how satisfying it is to work diligently, finishing off those meaty projects that have been piling up for a long time in addition to tackling challenging and time-consuming undertakings. #definitionofproductivity #howtobemoreproductive #productivity #productivityatwork #productivitymyth #productivityninja


How Do You Live A Life of Fulfillment, Gratitude, And Commitment?

Life is a journey. Your adventure begins the moment you were born and will continue for as long as you’re alive. Though you were forced to start it, you do have a say in what you do with the time you have at hand. Knowing what kind of journey you want to pursue will determine whether your life is one of happenstance or has a clear purpose and direction. You require a compass, a sense from within of what is truly important to you.

Do you know what is most important in your life, then? Are you certain? And are you consciously leading a life that matters? If not, you should get up. You live this existence. Nobody can live it for you but you. Furthermore, it is important that you live it since you already are. Numerous other individuals, as well as yourself, are impacted by the way you live. It is crucial to comprehend this. You can live your life as if all you have to do is survive until the time runs out, or you can make the most of each and every moment you have.


Finding The True Essence of Coaching

Are you a coach?

Let me guess, the answer is yes.

Are you considering taking the next step in your career as a coach?

And now for the issue… Not just any coach will do for you. You aspire to be a Master coach. An actual Caring Coach. A Passionate and Diligent Coach. A coach who believes in keeping promises to clients.


What Is Visionary Leadership? 8 Traits of a Visionary Leader

According to a popular story, once upon a time, the former president John F. Kennedy was travelling to the NASA headquarters. John F. Kennedy made his first trip to the NASA headquarters in 1961. While touring the facility, he introduced himself to a janitor who was cleaning the floor and asked him what he did at NASA. “I’m helping to put a man on the moon,” the janitor replied.

The janitor got it. He was aware of NASA’s goals and how he fits into them. He had a purpose. The janitor understood the reason for doing his job, something that most of us find difficult. He maintained the building’s cleanliness so that the astronauts, scientists, and engineers could concentrate on their quest to put a “man on the moon.”


Being Comfortable with Uncomfortable

We all have a benchmark for being uncomfortable. Each person has a different threshold, which varies in intensity. Your comfort level with discomfort increases as your threshold rises.We must often face uncomfortable circumstances if we are to develop and learn. For instance, lifting large weights is necessary if you want to get stronger. Instead of spending the entire day at home binge-watching Netflix, you should write more frequently if you want to enhance your writing.There is no way for you to develop as a person if you constantly stay in your comfort zone and steer clear of circumstances where you might fail or feel uncomfortable. This is what Emmanuel David talks about in his session with xMonks, at coaching matters. Here is a transcripted version of the same.


8 Roles of A Coach

A coach is not just a person there to sit with you for an hour and encourage you. A coach is much more than its definition. Being a coach requires changing into various nurturing roles. Here is how we view them as 8-in-1 person.


Passion To Purpose with Ankit Jhamb

Passion and purpose. Two words that are inextricably connected, but are also distinct entities on their own. Passion is about thoughts and feelings, the motivation, and what makes us feel good, i.e. “do what you love”. Purpose, on the other hand, is the reason, or the why behind what we do, mainly for others, i.e, “do what contributes.”

But once you look in the direction of your passion and purpose if you want to experience true happiness, joy, and personal fulfillment in life, you will notice that you often don’t follow them. Due to the necessity of surviving—working nonstop to pay the bills and lead a fulfilling life—these two frequently take a second seat for the majority of people. #ankitjhamb #Coach #Coaching #multiplepassions #passion #purpose


Self Sabotaging Behaviours in Leaders: Check Out For These Common Self Destructive Habits

Abraham Lincoln, Fred Rogers, Michelangelo, John F. Kennedy, and George Washington all experienced some aspect of Self Sabotage before they made history.

Self Sabotage is more prevalent than we realize. (Leadem, 2017).

Self Sabotage meaning, also known as self-defeating behaviour or standing in one’s own way, can interfere with the best-laid plans and objectives. Why do we do it? There are numerous reasons why, rather than aiming for the moon, we end up aiming for our foot.


The Procrastination-Perfectionism Loop: Why Most Perfectionists Handle Deadlines Poorly

For this blog, I jumped straight into the word ‘Procrastination’ etymology. The word procrastination came into existence in the late 16th century. It is derived from Latin procrastinat– ‘deferred till the morning’, from the verb procrastinare, from pro– ‘forward’ + crastinus ‘belonging to tomorrow’ (from cras ‘tomorrow’).

The term gained popularity in 2019 and became commonly addressed by teens. Since then it has been a part of the trendy vocabulary.


Using Coaching For Conflict Resolution

Conflicts are an inevitable part of our lives. Whether it is your colleague failing to work in compliance, your neighbor constantly taking your parking spot, or the legendary sibling conflict. Conflicts big or small can emerge in any part of your life and in fact, I feel to some level it is also healthy. Because humans function in such a manner that this wear and tear is bound to happen to mark a healthy relationship. But this is not true in all cases.


Decoding The Essence of Life Through Our Existence

What exactly are humans? Objectively, nothing of consequence. Dust particles in an endless realm of space, present for a split second in eternity. Some kind of atomic clusters in a cosmos where galaxies outnumber humanity. Did I get it right? Maybe!

How did we land up here? Objectively, nothing of consequence. But some cosmic evolution which happened 13.8 billion years. Or maybe the widely held theory of the evolution of the universe – the so-called big bang theory of evolution which essentially featured the emergence of the universe from a state of extremely high temperature and density.


The Core of Coaching/Life with Gaurav Arora

“Unless you bring the unconscious to the conscious, it will continue to drive your life and you would call it fate.” – Carl Jung

The smallest way for a human being to exist is to be caught up in his own creation. Do you agree? But humans exist in this dichotomy always trying to look for answers. Not just you and me but everyone else. They want to know what happened, how it happened, and why it happened. We do get answers to these questions. But often we fail. #Coaching #coreofcoaching #desiresofahumansoul #essenceoflife #gauravarora #trueessenceofcoaching


The Perfection Paradox: Why Perfectionism Is Not Your Biggest Strength

A Picture-Perfect Life!

There has been a distinctive enchantment with the term. Most of us gave in to the allure of creating one also, which sounds as appealing as it can get.

Surely, there is nothing wrong with creating a life that fits into the ‘perfection’ scale. Gradually, good is not enough. Nothing is ever enough until it’s perfect. It is like an addiction.

#harmfulperfectionism #perfectionism #perfectionismparadox #perfectionisticbehaviour #signsyouareaperfectionist


Taking Responsibility For Your Actions: A Humble Beginner's Guide to Personal Growth and Leadership

It's all his fault! It's because of you!Bad news no one is coming to save you, good news you can save yourself and become the author of your own life as long as you're breathing and you are ready to take the responsibility.Taking responsibility for your life is taking charge of your life and becoming the main character of it. Instead of being a victim of circumstance, you get the ability to create your own circumstances.You have the power to change the things in your life that you don't like if you're the protagonist! Your thoughts, behaviours, and feelings are all under your control. #responsibilty #takingresponsibility #takingresponsibilityforyouractions #takingresponsibilityforyourownactionreflects #takingresponsibilityquotes