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Western Clothing for kids | Handwoven | Amala Earth

Festival wear for kids. Shop from an exclusive collection of Cotton and Chanderi Ethnic wear for kids at Amala Earth. Amala earth is a way of conscious living built on a foundation rooted deeply in Indian origin. It brings together brands, products, experts, and individuals that help create a world where all living beings can co-exist harmoniously. Visit -

Online Store to Buy Natural Deodorant Clove and Spruce

For individuals who like basic solutions, the deodorant is ideal. Without the use of harsh chemicals, it protects against body odour by containing pure and natural essential oils. The essential oils included in this mixture have been demonstrated to have antiviral, fungicidal, and antibacterial properties, making them excellent for skin health. It is cruelty-free and entirely natural.

purchase Anxiety Relief online Green tea with tulsi and ashwagandha

The tremendous health benefits of India's wonder herb Ashwagandha have been skillfully infused into a delicious and aromatic tea called Green Tea Ashwagandha. It is a special and delicately balanced powerhouse of energy and vigour.

The wonderful health advantages of Tulsi and green tea are greatly enhanced by one another, including the presence of strong phytonutrients and antioxidants that shield the body from harmful free radicals. These substances naturally help the immunological, cardiovascular, and detoxification systems. Enjoy a boost in health and vigour. I'd want to wish you health and happiness.

Amrutam Ayurvedic Hair Spa Do-It-Yourself Kuntal Care

Your scalp is revitalised and your hair roots are strengthened by Amrutam's Kuntal Care Do-It-Yourself Hair Spa. The Triphla, Bhringraj, Eucalyptus Oil, Balchhad, and Kapoor Kachhari elements used in Amrutam's Kuntal Care Ayurvedic hair spa are helpful in preventing hair loss, encouraging hair renewal, and maintaining the health of your hair. The greatest natural hair spa that also combats early greying is this one.

Pillowcases and a Bedcover with Raised Geometric Pattern

Pillow shams and a cotton bedspread with a raised geometric pattern. -Pillowcases feature envelope closures to prevent open ends or pillow spills. -500 thread count (the greater the thread count, the more tightly woven the cloth is). 100 percent environmentally friendly manufacture and packing. -The ideal balance of opulent bedding at an affordable price. produced in India

online store to buy organic loofah bathing sponge scrub

The vining plant belonging to the family of melons and cucumbers is the source of loofah sponge. It is a natural skin exfoliator that is excellent for cleansing. Your skin will seem considerably smoother and younger as a result of the oil buildup that is removed from the skin and the unclogging of the pores. Uses for loofah 1) Soak the loofah sponge in warm water to soften it, then rub soap all over it. Use circular movements to gently massage it on your skin to get rid of all the dead skin cells. Because of this, loofah sponge makes an excellent natural exfoliant. Compost was used for disposal. Packaging We make sure that every piece of our packaging is green.

Petrichor Attar Perfume - Organic and Rain scent

The scent of the first rain on dry land is captured in the perfume Petrichor Mitti Attar. Made by hand in India's Kannauj. Maati is the authentic, all-natural scent of Petrichor, the first rain, or the dry earth. Natural colognes A 3ml bottle of scent is included with each package. Recycled handmade paper box was used to make the box. With time, the product grows better and more sophisticated because it doesn't include any chemicals or alcohol. It is made in Kannauj, India, employing a method that hasn't changed in more than a thousand years: the deg-bhpaka process.

Cotton Bohemian Cushion Cover With Fringes Multicolour

This striking Zig-Zac design pillow cover features magnificent tones of carnival yellow, blue, orange, and red. This stunning colour riot cushion cover will undoubtedly add flair to your décor. All of our cushion covers are double-sided, which means they have the same fabric on both sides.

Natural Fermented Rice Water Hair Mask

The Organic Rice Water Hair Mask is a multi-purpose hair treatment. It contains rice bran oil, which gives it a shiny, silky, and smooth feel. Your hair will be nourished by green tea and olive extracts. The fermented rice water hair mask is inspired by the Meitei Tribe customs of Manipur, and it profoundly nourishes the hair, restores its shine or vitality, and reduces frizz.

Natural Skin Exfoliator Organic Loofah

Refresh your skin with this dried gourd-based exfoliating loofah. This 100% natural and biodegradable loofah gently washes away dead skin cells and unclogs pores for smoother, fresher skin. Be gentle on your skin and the environment. Organic loofahs and body brushes aid in the removal of toxins and toxic chemicals from the skin.

Wooden Decorative Platter with Sleek Curves

Make serving more enjoyable with this adaptable plate. Each piece's handmade, curved edges are distinct and smooth. It may be used as a serving dish, a beautiful platter, and wall art. ideal for food products that are dry or semi-dry. It may be used with food easily because it is coated in food-safe oil.

Organic green coffee powder

Our premium coffee beans selectively handpicked by women farmers from Fair trade and organic certified farms in Keezhanthoor the High Ranges of Kerala in South India. These green coffee beans consists of caffeine and chlorogenic acid. Green coffee powder is highly beneficial for the health as it contains chlorogenic acid. It has been scientifically proven that chlorogenic acid in green coffee lowers the body weight in very less time period. While roasting the beans it loses the property of chlorogenic acid

The Gift of Gratitude

The ability to communicate thankfulness to others is a gift. You have it in you to offer, and it's free. It is a gift when we express our thankfulness, even for little things. I consider it a blessing and enjoy it when people express their gratitude  gift to me. A grateful mindset has a lot of advantages. It takes time to build and develop since it is an attitude. Here is an article from Happier Human that details the 31 advantages of thankfulness.

Everything You Need to Know About Baby Bibs in One Place

Although everyone is aware that newborns require muslin snap bibs, not everyone is aware of the best ones to use at certain times. Some expectant parents aren't even certain of the importance of bibs. I've put together this piece to go over all you absolutely must know about baby bibs. I'll discuss all of the different kinds of baby bibs and how to use and store them. Then I'll discuss some of the top baby bibs available right now. After reading this article, you will be an authority on baby bibs and be familiar with everything there is to know!

Eco-friendly Gift Boxes Subscriptions Online

The eco-friendly gift box movement has gained traction in recent years. Sustainable business and market practises have evolved from a marginal subculture to a mainstream phenomenon. It is critical to reinterpret gift-giving in light of this change. Giving gifts won't be going out of style anytime soon, which is something I appreciate as a small company owner.

Reasons to Use Kansa Utensils When Cooking and Eating

Kansa or bronze utensils, which have been a staple of Indian families since antiquity, are said to be the ideal metal for cooking and dining in. The acidic foods curd, lemon, and salt cause reactions in other metal utensils like copper and brass, but not in Kansa. Kansa utensils are also recommended by Ayurveda professionals for their holistic healing, stress-relieving effects, and cleansing qualities. The most sanitary metal for use in the kitchen is bronze since it has the power to stop bacteria. For more information visit: