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Bringing Augmented Reality in Android with Google ARCore

Android is the largest mobile platform with the record that exceeds more than 2 billion active users across the globe. Right from the year of launch, the tech experts of Google have been upgrading the Android platform with a rich set of frameworks, tools, and APIs to serve its users in every way possible.

Choose an Ideal ECM Solution to Minimize Business Risks

More the volumes of data more will be the ambiguity associated with it. Proper and timely management of data helps the companies in handling data overload, removing productivity obstruction as well as reducing business risks. The answer is Enterprise Content Management System that acts as a central repository for defining the workflow of the data. Let’s find out how ECM helps in handling data and minimizing business risks.

Reasons why iOS Developers should choose Swift Over Objective-C

Talking about the mobile apps, iOS and Android are the two platforms that are commonly used for building apps. Though there are millions of apps available in the market today, only a few of them are successful. The first question that comes to our mind before building an app is How much to make an app will take? Though finding the factors that impact the cost of an app is important, we need to ensure that we are not compromising the quality of the app while doing so. In this article, we will be discussing the preferred programming language for developing successful iOS apps.

The Ultimate Guide to Build a Successful Mobile App

Almost everyone has their own smartphones and it would be difficult for them to imagine even one day without their phones. Gone are those days when phones were used just for making calls; now it is being used for a variety of tasks through the apps meant for purposes like booking tickets, paying bills, online shopping and much more. The mobile apps are increasingly playing a very important role in business that provides on-demand access to the information and solutions. Though there are millions of apps available in the app stores today, not all of them are successful. Since there is strong competition among the apps of similar category, we must know how to develop the app that people will love.

Key Factors That Determines Mobile App Development Cost

There is a tremendous rise in the usage rate of mobile phones and users are regularly spending more than 80% of their mobile time on the apps. Anyone having smartphone makes use of mobile apps that are installed on their phones to get directions, play games, book tickets, read the news and much more. 90% of the US enterprises are increasing their investments in the mobile app development sector to meet the growing demand. Though millions of apps exist today in App store, not all app are successful due to inefficient app development process. The cost of the mobile app is one of the important factors that needs to be planned before building the app.

Why Choosing the Right CMS Is Necessary for Your Business?

Choosing the right CMS platform is often a very difficult task since it will directly impact the growth of your website and business goals. Undeniably, the website is one of the main tools that helps the company to connect with the desired targeted audience. Spending on choosing a good CMS is one of the best investments you make since it will completely manage and control your site. Whether you are searching CMS platform for the first time or you want to upgrade your existing CMS, the procedure can be quite hectic with so many platforms available in the market. When it comes to CMS, the needs of even the small and large scale businesses are very similar.

Do You Know the Importance of CMS for your Business?

Having proper control on your website content is important to ensure that your website is well-organized and updated. It is the responsibility of Content Management System (CMS) to modify or delete any text, audio or images in your website as per your requirements.