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AT&T Radiant Max 5G (EA211001) specifications:

Screen size: 6.8-inch Resolution: 1640 x 720 RAM 4GB Storage 64GB Weight 222g Dimensions 176 x 79 x 9.6mm OS Android 11 CPU 2.2GHz Octa-core, MediaTek Dimensity 700 Battery 4,750mAh, Non-removable Rear camera 48MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP Front camera 13MP


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Buying the right tires needs to undergo a process. You can't just make a decision and buy a tire for your vehicle. You can discuss the requirements with your Tires distributors in KSA in order to know how much budget you can afford. If you are planning to buy a branded tire for your car you may consider the following helpful tips.