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About Vendor POS Custom Receipt for Magento 2 Module

Vendor POS Custom Receipt for Magento 2 module lets sellers create personalized custom POS receipts for their customers. Sellers can design the number of POS receipts and assign them to the outlet. Additionally, this module also allows the seller to upload a custom logo image, add header and footer details, and set custom labels for the discount, tax, change, sub-total, cashier, etc.


Architecture in Gurgaon

The ACad Studio is the architecture in Gurgaon that deals with the clients of each sector like residential, commercial, industrial, and interior. They provide the best and most iconic designs to clients. One of the well-settled Architecture firms in Gurgaon has a board of skillful architects. The designers and architects they own work patiently.


Traductor espanol kurdoKurmanyi en linea

Con este sitio en línea de Traductor espanol kurdoKurmanyi gratis, puede traducir fácilmente el texto del espanol al kurdoKurmanyi. Ingrese cualquier texto en espanol en el primer cuadro de texto y haga clic en el botón Traducir para traducir el texto en kurdoKurmanyi.


Handmade Organic Haircare Flame-angelcom

Quality Skincare and Haircare Products. Many products are organic and handmade. In the islands, there are many interesting and creative products. Unfortunately, there is no online marketplace for sellers, that also accepts debit/credit card and other payment methods. Flame Angel will help entrepreneurs and businesses reach more customers, locally and internationally.

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Free Webinar - Contract Lifecycle Management Using Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is an excellent solution for businesses wishing to centralise and streamline critical operations. Contract lifecycle management is one procedure that might stand to be simplified. Businesses can use a variety of tools and resources from Microsoft 365 to develop and enhance their contract lifecycle management procedures.

We'll examine all the ways that Microsoft 365 may facilitate users' contract lifecycle management in this free webinar. We'll look at the various capabilities and features that make Microsoft 365 ideal for handling contracts.


Best CNC Turret Punching Services in Ontario

Are you looking for a CNC punching company? Betco Products Inc is the leading and most popular CNC Turret Punching service in Ontario. Their Turret Punching Services have been providing customers with high-quality work for over 30 years. Give them a call right now.


Best PR agencies of 2022 in Hyderabad

If you are looking for more digital marketing agencies, I have found the best place where numerous agencies are listed, helping you save time and choose from the best pr agencies, Hyderabad, according to your region only on Agencynetwork.org.