Why influencer marketing is getting bigger in the domain of Paid Advertising - Qanda

"Influencer marketing has grown leaps and bounds in the past few years when it comes to Paid Advertising. Although the concept of Influencer marketing has been in the public minds for quite a lot of time, it is in digital marketing that its importance is paramount.

In online advertising, the brand usually engages a famous celeb to become its brand ambassador and then through their social media accounts sent out specially curated ads in the form of testimonials or tweets and even pics of them using the product. This is definitely an effective way of garnering attention in the masses as the stars have a big fan following and this surely might result in more conversions. Also holding live discussions on the platform of the intended audience with the stars might give a big boost to the advertising campaign. - For more info visit - https://www.blulex.com/qanda/"

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