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A slipper mop, also known as a mop slipper or cleaning slipper, is a cleaning tool designed to be worn on the feet like slippers or socks. The slipper part is usually made of microfiber or other absorbent materials, while the sole is often made of non-slip material to provide traction.

Here are some key points about slipper mops:

Design: Slipper mops typically feature a slip-on design that covers the foot, similar to a slipper or sock. The bottom of the slipper is equipped with cleaning pads or fibers that effectively trap dust, dirt, and debris as you walk or glide across the floor.

Cleaning Function: Slipper mops are primarily used for quick and light cleaning tasks, such as dusting or spot cleaning hard floors. As you walk around, the microfiber or absorbent material on the slipper picks up dirt and dust, helping to keep your floors clean without the need for traditional mopping tools.

Convenience: Slipper mops offer a hands-free cleaning experience. They can be easily slipped on and used while performing other tasks around the house. They are especially useful for maintaining cleanliness in small areas or hard-to-reach spaces.

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