What is PGR Weed

In the realm of cannabis or marijuana cultivation, "PGR" stands for "Plant Growth Regulator." Plant growth regulators are substances like chemicals or other elements that have the ability to influence a plant's growth and development. Some growers of cannabis may use PGRs to modify plant growth in order to achieve particular desired characteristics, including bushier, shorter plants or more buds produced. Using PGRs in cannabis production may be controversial and perhaps harmful. If certain PGRs are applied improperly or excessively, they may leave residues on plant material that are harmful for humans to consume. Furthermore, using PGRs may not comply with the law in some places where cannabis growing is permitted. Learn More About PGR Weed at WeedLifestyles. https://www.weedlifestyles.com/blog/what-is-pgr-weed

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