What is a Vape Pen

An electronic pen known as a "vape pen" warms a liquid that contains flavoring and nicotine, among other substances, to create an aerosol that the user inhales. The liquid, sometimes referred to as e-juice or e-liquid, usually includes flavorings, propylene glycol, nicotine, and other substances. Vape pens are battery-operated devices that can also be used to vape cannabis concentrates. They are available in different varieties, including rechargeable and disposable models. Because vape pens emit vapor rather than smoke and may expose users to less chemicals, they are frequently seen as more covert and potentially less hazardous than traditional smoking. Discover Vape pen at Weedlifestyles for all the details. https://www.weedlifestyles.com/blog/what-is-a-vape-pen

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