VBS Gateway Solution

An essential bandwidth optimization service for VoIP traders who need to accommodate more calls when internet speed or bandwidth is limited is VBS (VoIP Bandwidth Saver). Using this service, you can reduce your overall bandwidth usage by up to 80% with VBS (Voice over Internet Protocol Bandwidth Saver), lowering your bandwidth costs. It works in spite of any type of NAT or firewall. This indicates that it has an anti-block feature and that its DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) protection makes it nearly impossible to block or locate you.

Even on shared internet connections, this service can be used to provide termination service. VoIP Soft Team has a dedicated and influential support team for smooth operation. This is regarded by customers as one of the best support teams in this industry. We have devoted outreach groups who can manage any inquiry from clients and are at first dependable to dole out VBS IP, Utilizing VBS implies More Calls and More Minutes at a Lower Cost.


STARTER PLAN Concurrent Calls 16 Real Public Static IP Fully Managed Server $40 Per Month

REGULAR PLAN Concurrent Calls 32 Real Public Static IP Fully Managed Server $70 Per Month

PROFESSIONAL PLAN Concurrent Calls 64 Fully Managed Server $120 Per Month

We offer a wide range of gateway solutions, including VOS3000 in all versions, hosted Asterisk, and hosting plan services.

VoIP Softs Email: Info@voipsofts.com Contact: +15144291278

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