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The use of alcohol, drugs, or other substances might cause you to lose your sense of judgement very rapidly. Even if you “feel well,” that doesn’t mean you’re necessarily in the best shape to get in a car and drive safely to your destination.

Whether you were out celebrating a key milestone with a night of partying or were at a private dinner party with friends and had “one too many,” the police officer who pulls you over doesn’t care why you were driving while intoxicated. In Georgia, one of the states with the strictest DUI laws, getting pulled over while intoxicated can have devastating consequences.

In Georgia, it is a serious offence to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. DUI offenders face harsh penalties and sanctions that will have a negative effect on their future. One of several factors affecting the severity of the punishment is the number of prior DUI offences.

The team of accomplished criminal defence attorneys at The Law Offices of Harold J. Cronk, Top DUI Attorney Savannah fought drivers’ licence suspensions in drunk driving cases and helped clients get their driving privileges reinstated. We are always available to provide detailed answers to all of your questions about the DUI penalties in Georgia.

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