The Assistant Principals Playbook Vol 1 In English

The Assistant Principal's Playbook: Vol. 1 - A Comprehensive Guide for Emerging and Aspiring School Leaders" by Bryson Davis-Johnson is a must-read resource for educators seeking to excel in their role as assistant principals. This book serves as a valuable roadmap, equipping readers with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate the challenges and responsibilities of school leadership. With a heartfelt foreword, the author expresses gratitude to his family and acknowledges the influential figures who have shaped his journey. Through personal anecdotes and professional insights, Davis-Johnson inspires readers to embrace their own unique leadership path. Divided into sections, this comprehensive guide covers essential topics for assistant principals, providing practical advice and best practices. The book begins by outlining the non-negotiable qualities of an effective assistant principal, emphasizing the importance of principal support, self-care prioritization, confidence, diligent note-taking, and a focus on effectiveness. One crucial aspect of an assistant principal's role is discipline management, particularly in handling suspensions and expulsions. Davis-Johnson offers valuable guidance on approaching discipline proactively, educating students, and maintaining a safe learning environment. The book provides clear explanations of the differences between suspensions and expulsions, along with practical steps for executing both. It also highlights the importance of avoiding violations, especially when dealing with special education students. In addition to discipline management, the book explores the concept of probationary agreements as an alternative to expulsions. Davis-Johnson shares real scenarios and outlines the terms and conditions of probationary agreements, emphasizing the importance of considering timing and structuring agreements effectively. The author underscores the need for objective decision-making and the potential consequences of violating a probationary agreement. The Assistant Principal's Playbook is a valuable resource for aspiring and emerging school leaders. By providing practical strategies, insights, and real-world examples, Davis-Johnson equips readers with the knowledge and tools necessary to excel in their roles. Whether you are a new assistant principal or seeking to enhance your leadership skills, this book will serve as your trusted guide on the path to success in educational leadership.

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