Sub-6 GHz segment accounted for largest share of 5G fixed wireless access market

The sub–6 GHz segment is projected to account for a share of 52% of the 5G fixed wireless access market, in terms of volume, in 2026. One of the key reasons for the growth of this segment is that majority of the telecommunication operators have deployed 5G networks in their sub–6 GHz frequency spectrums. There are more than 140 telecommunication operators who have invested in 5G networks in the sub–6 GHz or C-band spectrum. This is because C-band, specifically, 3,300–4,200 MHz range, allows performance to be well balanced in terms of throughput and coverage, which are ideal for 5G fixed wireless access services. C-band is the most used spectrum for 5G commercial networks in urban, suburban, and rural areas across the world. With a combination of indoor and outdoor CPE, C-band extends the 5G fixed wireless access services to cover a radius of more than 5 km and supports a maximum throughput of above 5 Gbps.

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