Streaming Summer Reading Program: KINDLY EVER AFTER | @PageTurnerAdventures

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We know many libraries are short-staffed and short budgeted. Our KINDLY EVER AFTER Streaming Summer Reading Program is filled with stories about FRIENDSHIP, KINDNESS, EMPATHY, and COOPERATION!

We also have bunches of CRAFTS, GAMES, and ACTIVITIES that also work with the "All Together Now" SRP theme.

The Streaming Summer Reading Program is designed to give libraries support for their SRP and can be used in lots of different ways.

We provide you with a VIDEO LIBRARY of over 20 videos that can be used throughout the entire summer (May 1st-Sept. 6th). Videos, ebooks, audiobooks, and downloadable handouts and resources are accessed through our easy-to-use online portal that looks kind of like netflix. It can also be accessed through BEANSTACK and READsquared or embedded on your library website.

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