Steel Baron Abhay Lodha of Topworth Group Forays into Indian Defense Manufacturing

Abhay Lodha says that, “The indigenous Armour plate for ballistic protection is one of the Topworth's products. Some of its goods are ground-breaking, while others are straightforward import alternatives for Indian contractors seeking to maintain their supply chains closer to home. Naval destroyers, offshore patrol boats, and floating docks will be built using the latter. Other items will be utilized in the building and repair of Coast Guard boats and navy ships. Topworth's materials will be employed in battle tanks, missile motor casings, combat vehicles, and artillery cannons in land defense.” These items have considerable export potential in addition to expanding domestic demand. According to market estimates, yearly demand potential is over 2 lakh tons, with 50% of that in flat steel and the rest in structural steel.

The founder and Chairman of Topworth Group, Abhay Lodha, stated that the defense industry is expanding at a breakneck pace. Topworth wants to be a part of this booming market so that they may use their capabilities, which include cutting-edge production and product development. We've built a solid reputation by successfully delivering steel to a variety of defense applications. This has given us the confidence and incentive to broaden our product offerings in this market.

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