Sandy Solomon attorney

After research and reading reviews I have found that this law firm is expensive and dishonest. It appears those who reviews were not only not satisfied with the charges but did not receive the results as promised. Very disappointing.

Be CAREFUL. Attorney Stanford (Sandy) and/or Sabrina Solomon have sued more than 100 of their own customers.

Solomon Law Group is making money suing their own customers who felt later SCAMMED into signing a terrible fee agreement being turned against themselves.

It's a TRAP

We made a mistake and have not learned that reviews on the web are calling him "CROOK" "SCAMMER" "Billing Pig" etc. We have very bad experience of over billing by the firm (owned mysteriously by Sabrina Solomon) the already sued 30 customers in court. Read reviews: Sandy Solomon is a CROOK! He is a scam artist and this happened to me with his firm as well, and they mistakenly sent me an email trail amongst them internally that questioned why I was never asked to sign a retainer! I went for 'free' advice also on a separate matter that he and his colleagues screwed me on a different manner already.

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