Nimbusplatform scammers Andrea Zanon David Mazaheri Fernando Martinho

Nimbusplatform scammers: Andrea Zanon, David Mazaheri, Fernando Martinho

1. Domain:https://nimbusplatform.io/ Updated Date: 2020-05-10 Creation Date: 2020-03-10 Registry Expiry Date:2023-03-10Registrar:NameCheap, Inc. Registrant Name:Registration Private Red flag: • Registered as personal, not business. • Less than a year left until the domain expires. • NameCheapare some of the most used domains for scams. 2. Website: • Nothing special. Basic information and no visual effects. • Our check found thatthere are articlesin their given social networks: https://bit.ly/3tTJHcW- www.ibtimes.com https://bit.ly/3ybjhpw- www.ibtimes.com https://bit.ly/3OyO2u4- www.entrepreneur.com • A review of the YouTube channel found only 13 videos in 2 years, which is absolutely frivolous for a "company" that claims to be a TOP leader in its field, large advertising companies and "many followers". A quick check shows a very clear inaccuracy to this information above: • Website details are very important. In this one they claim that there are 15 strategies, and in the other places on social networks that there are 16. How many are there in the end? • They claim that their followers are over 50,000, but the facts show something completely different. • On Twitter, a label with the location Malta is visible. It's an offshore area, you know what it's for, we've already mentioned it. It includes (to the sack areas) UAE, Russia, Cyprus, Virgin Islands, Panama, Great Britain, etc. • It's also not super prestigious to like the post yourself, as indicated by the arrow in the bottom right of the photo. 3. Services and Product • There is no real product. Only % of token stake available. • Affiliate Program: • Notice they ask for a minimum of $350 to join! • Note that the affiliate plan already at the 1st level is 50%. In total, all % are 222%! • Notice that their NBU/GNBU token pair has a 0% yield! This is unheard of! Each platform holds its own tokens or coins. Another proof that the token is worthless and has no real application. • Let's see the new plans from July 1, 2022: 4. Team According toNimbusit is not important to see who is involved in the team and there is no information on the website. We can only orient ourselves on social networks and videos of who's who! Great transparency right from the start, and this information is of utmost importance for future investors and the reliability of the platform. It all starts with the arrival ofAndrea Zanon, who is the original CEO of the company. According to his information and biography, he is a professional with more than 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. Fluent in Italian (native), English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. He has international recognition for his work worldwide and is the recipient of the 2009 Clean Technology Award from the President of Italy. He was an award-winning World Bank Project Manager in 2012 and a 2016 World Bank Big Data Analytics Award.

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