Meta Nlp Training in India

Meta NLP, Pure NLP, Classic NLP, New Code, Latest Code, and the variants and discussion around them can go on and on. What is Meta NLP? Why is Meta NLP better than NLP? Difference between NLP and Meta NLP? And where to attend Meta NLP training in India? Classic NLP was created by Richard Bandler, Frank Pucelik, and John Grinder, along with other co-developers of NLP (Robert Dilts, Steve Andreas, Connie Andreas, David Gordon etc), and later on many variations were created, and most according to old NLPians were lame and were created just to create another variation of NLP for marketing purposes, and to create a personal branding out of that variant. None of them survived or flourished, as each variant was thrashed by the NLP community as there were no takers or just some takers for lame theories, with no real time application with noticeable applications.

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