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In the second quarter of 2023, the Melatonin market in North America witnessed a significant price decline. Prices for FOB New York plummeted from $132,200 per metric tonne to $115,000 per metric tonne between April and June, marking a 13% decrease over the quarter. The primary driver behind this substantial price drop was the sharp decrease in Melatonin demand from downstream industries in the US, primarily due to regional suppliers' overstocking. Despite divergent opinions on the price of Nutraceuticals and APIs, North America's nutraceutical sector exhibited a fragmented market activity pattern. During this period, the nation experienced a temporary dip in its inflation rate, attributed by economists and industry experts to reduced supply chain pressures, though it was seen as a transient blip. However, the persistently high labor costs raised concerns about sustained inflation, potentially prompting the Federal Reserve to consider raising interest rates in July. Uncertainty about the US economy's performance led market participants in the food and dietary supplement sectors to adopt a cautious approach.

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