Lapis Lazuli – A September Birthstone

Already feeling overwhelmed in September birthstone jewelry, then wait for more exciting facts to unveil. Ancient civilizations treasured this oldest blue gem to bring good luck and charm to their lives. A true representation of royalty and beauty combined in the bright royal blue and shimmering flecks of lapis lazuli which made the world say, 'what an incredible blue. Lapis lazuli was fashioned into the most demanding jewelry and carving material. The September birthstone ring has been preferred in shapes such as inlays, beads, cabochons, and tablets. Interestingly in the USA, lapis is treated as the alternative for blue sapphire and a celebrated stone for the 7th and 9th wedding anniversaries. This most celebrated wisdom stone comes under a metamorphic rock and is composed of sodalite, pyrite, lazurite, and calcite.

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