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The Knowledge School (TKS) is a country-wide project of comprehensive schools (Kinder Garden to K-10) based on strategic partnership between ILM Trust and Network Associates (franchisees) as licensees having the right to use, in connection with the school operation, the system and the proprietary marks of the project.

The Knowledge Schools have been set up as an initiative to provide quality education at an affordable fee. Students at The Knowledge Schools are promised not only effective learning in all academic subjects but also personality grooming based on our social and moral values. This holistic approach to educating our students is designed to help them develop into healthy and well-rounded individuals who enjoy life and learning.

Some distinctive features of The Knowledge Schools are: inclusion of “Life Skills” as a new subject in the curriculum, special focus on building English speaking culture in schools, developing children’s public speaking skill, and, above all, continuous personal and professional development of teachers which is so vital for meaningful education of children.

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