There must have been times when you might have looked at a creative, maybe a flyer, a hoarding, or a digital advertisement that has taken you aback. You would define them as the best designs you have come across. Ever wondered why they are the best? They are no coincidence.

Some designers or artists across the globe sure have brought out their creative side to make these creatives so precious. But is creativity enough? Or do you think they must have made efforts, strategized the creatives, and designed them well so that they become the best for you? Let’s figure it out.

A design is typically composed of a number of elements like the theme, texture, colours, shape, etc. The chances of a design becoming the ‘best one’ increase significantly when the maker/artist

understands the tone of the brand defines the mood board that characterizes the elements conveys the message in the most subtle way adds value to the audience’s life in some or the other way Let’s break down and understand the basics of the ‘best design’.

1. The Theme & the Colors

Studies show that nearly 76% of the audiences are persuaded to give graphics a glance because they find the theme and the colors to be attractive. If you are looking forward to

reaching a greater pool of audience getting leads seeing a higher conversion rate this can be a great benefit for you. When it comes to the selection of themes and colors, you may come across a pool of appealing options like

corporate perky bright festive contemporary breezy However, it is essential to choose a theme and a color mindfully, as it conveys the message ingeniously and artfully.

2. The Texture

Texture plays a very important role in design. It is something that defines the surface quality of the creative. It evokes a sensation of touch and immediately allows the audience to lay hold of deeper meaning through the creative and keeps them engaged for a longer period of time. The texture also lays the foundation of the creative, as anything and everything that goes after the texture depends upon whether or not it complements the texture.

3. The Shape

The shape of a piece of art can be the most fun part for the audience. With the evolution of designs, the creation and acceptance of different shapes and sizes of graphics have been increasing. Sometimes, a promoter or a designer has a definite visualization of the design, which makes it easy to select a shape. Nevertheless, experimenting is both a great privilege and a wonderful way to grow. Besides, you never know what may come out of trying out new creative shapes for your classy designs. So go ahead and try out shapes like oval, round, diamond, and so on. You can even try adding two shapes in the same creative, especially if you are promoting something exciting like offers, a new batch, giveaways, etc.


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