Gandhi’s Top-Ranked Indian Restaurant in Kennington

In 1982, Gandhi’s became the very first Indian restaurant on Kennington Road near SW8. Proudly run and owned by the same family since then, Gandhi’s has become a name known for first-class customer service, and decor that is both comfortable and modern, creating an ambience that is both welcoming and relaxing. All of this combines to create an unrivalled experience. Our chefs are extremely passionate about ingredients, and they understand that it is only through the best and freshest ingredients prepared with the utmost care that a restaurant can produce the best food. We have launched a new menu highlighting delicious vegan and vegetarian items. Of course, you can order Indian food in Kennington at any of our business hours for delivery or collection from Gandhi’s, and you are free to choose to pay with either cash or card. So what are you waiting for? Visit the website for a look at some of our mouthwatering dishes and order your choice of dishes from Gandhi’s Indian Restaurant & Takeaway near Lambeth today!

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