Following Kane’s departure Postecoglou fully supports Richarlison to step up and light up the scene

Richarlison, On the 26th of August in London, Spurs’ head coach Ange Postecoglou expressed strong belief in his forward player Richarlison’s scoring potential this season, contradicting the inconsistency displayed by the Brazilian star at the conceptual stage of this soccer year.

Since being transferred from Everton in July, Richarlison etched his heroics on Spurs’ register with three successful shots and four assists across 37 confrontations. However, he hasn’t racked up any scores this fresh term.

Postecoglou gained the 26-year-old ace for a hefty sum of around 50 million pounds (roughly corresponding to $60 million), complemented by an additional bonus of 10 million pounds, as per the media reports in Britain.

“Without a doubt, Richy is keen on bagging goals, but his collective contribution to the team structure holds superior significance for me. His last match performance on the circuit was commending,” Postecoglou voiced to the journalists in the lead-up toward Saturday’s challenge with Bournemouth.

Keeping team performance a priority, he emphasized that requisite score laps shall soon follow. “Ultimately, without team performance being on point, scoring goals bears inconsequential merit,” he postulated.

Legendary enthralling striker of the club sporting the title, Harry Kane, booked his ticket to the grand team from Germany, Bayern Munich, ahead of this season. Hence, Richarlison is prognosticated to absorb this high-profile role left vacant by England’s premier skipper at Spurs.

“I fail to recognize any onus situated therein. To create a shift, this football club held an intrinsic need for transformations,” articulated the coach.

Resigned to Harry Kane’s shift toward new opportunities, he asserted, “All within the club have come to acknowledge that Harry is beyond our pitch. He’s ventured toward an exciting shift, and we place implicit faith in his successful endeavors. We’re drawing our blueprint for our distinct challenge.”

Asserting the socio-psychological dynamics, Postecoglou mentioned, “It’s futile comparing oneself with an entity no longer a part of us, not holding any pertinent bearing. The perspective would have been a little tweaked, had this taken place in a backdrop of tremendous triumphs.”

Only having the reins of Spurs for a couple of top-flight matches, Postecoglou swiftly managed to dispel the gloom looming over the northern London club when he initially landed from the Scottish stalwarts Celtic.

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