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We provide Executive coaching in India to help individuals find their hidden strengths and values that will direct them to the right path. Read on to know more about Lumen, its philosophy, its founder and its offerings.

Coaching enables individuals to reflect inwards and identify strengths they can marshal, weaknesses they can overcome and biases they didn’t know they were carrying – which held them back from being their best versions. Coaching also helps individuals identify situations and their own beliefs causing stress, thereby improving their ability to deal with stress by understanding and removing root causes within their control. Lumen Coaching was founded by Gowri S Ramani, a corporate and tech industry veteran in 2017, to carry forward her passion towards development of individuals and helping them realize their full potential. Lumen Coaching offers leadership coaching to mature corporate leaders using a unique methodology which is based on world class coaching methods and tools, along with hands on business management experience. At Lumen, we offer a bouquet of services for companies – for both for-profit and not-for-profit entities, including startups. These include:

Executive coaching for senior leaders – helping successful leaders become more wholesome leaders and provide a safe space along with a trusted partner to explore, reflect and gain inspiration for further growth and accomplishments in their career and life holistically. Group and individualized corporate coaching for middle managers – to build on their strengths, discover their blind spots, overcome areas for improvement to become the successful leaders they were meant to be. Transition coaching for technical stars – to become broad based leaders capable of having a more powerful impact across the company taking on management roles. Leadership development for young women – help develop confidence, overcome common behaviours that hold them back and blossom into fully accomplished leaders, in control of their career and life!

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