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What is Chemical injection pump? Chemical injection pump is used to inject methanol or ethylene glycol into a fluid at the upstream of choke manifold to prevent the hydrate of formation fluid icing up due to the pressure drop, increases the reliability of the well test system and the pressure drop range above / below the choke, to restore the oil (gas) well to normal operation. It injects liquid chemical with accurate injection volume in the processing. The chemicals injected are usually methanol, ethylene glycol, preservative, deoxidizer, drilling fluid additive (caustic soda and liquid polymer) and defoamer. In the process of water treatment, add chemicals to tap water, waste water and sewage, can also be used for the quantitative transportation of reaction materials to a high pressure reaction kettle.

Application Well testing of HPHT wells where considerable pressure drops are occurring. Well testing or maintenance operations. Specification Working Pressure: 10,000PSI, 15,000PSI. Air Supply Pressure: 100 - 120 PSI. Inject Capacity : 10 - 19 L/hr

Chemical injection skids inject exact amounts of chemicals and reagents into a system at required temperatures, pressures and flow rates. The chemicals also help safeguard the system from corroding quickly and forming wax, foam, scales and hydrates. Emulsion breakers induce sharp and fast separation of water from oil as well. Most chemical injection skids deliver concentrated reagents at specific volumes to ensure bulk concentrations in the main process line are maintained. A complete system includes a chemical storage tank, two 100% metering/dosing pumps, tubing, valves, a calibration column and filtration. Online instrumentation monitors the chemical strength, pump rate and dilution water flow rate in the systems. Those items’ parameters are controlled through valves that receive signals from a programmable logic controller. Experts in chemical injection skids, Petrak Industries, Inc. designs and manufactures fully optimized and customized skid-mounted systems that plug right into the flow of production at your plant. Our systems are designed, packaged and tested for an array of liquid chemical-treatment applications. Created with proven components, Petrak skid-mounted modular and process systems feature: validated mechanical designs and customized equipment based on your requirements 3D modeling of your customized system pump selection according to your process material selection according to chemical compatibility sales and service support after installation We are an all-in-one design, engineering and fabrication firm with more than 25 years of experience installing chemical injection skids and process equipment the world over. Our skid-mounted process and modular systems incorporate state-of-the-art components and electronics that serve a masterful design. Contact us at  today to discuss the chemical injection skid you need for highly efficient production.

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