Buy OverDozz Premium Flavors 50g Online

OverDozz Hookah Tobacco is a new line of hookah shisha from the creators of another world famous tobacco brand. Modern, urban trends exemplified in shisha tobacco form. Fresh, urban styling combined with artisan shisha flavors that will take your hookah sessions to the next level. A spree of flavors and fun with real fruit flavors fused into premium Virginia tobacco leaves to bring you an exotic world of tasty concoctions. The OverDozz Tobacco line of shisha blends brings an all new, trendy feel to a classic hookah tradition. Pick up creative flavored tobacco like OverDozz 24 Karatine, a cappuccino and cookie blend or Wild Night Out, lemon cheesecake. The 50g tobacco size is a perfect way to try out the new OverDozz line. 2-5 hookah bowls for a wallet friendly price.

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