How the integration of examination management in school ERP benefit educational organizations

At present, every manual strategy or method is completely replaced by advanced technology and the same happens in the case of the education industry too. Today, plenty of educational organizations implementing school ERP integrated with examination management system facilities along with a user-friendly application.


Introduction Writing-Amit Thakur second semester of the second year in mechanical engineering

My name is Amit Thakur. I am from India and in my second semester of the second year in mechanical engineering at Yale University. Since I started taking courses in writing I have learnt a lot and developed interest in the skill of writing. There are different methods of writing, and I have practiced a lot through the various assignments that we have been getting from the concerned instructors and from the articles that I have been writing for personal practice.


Top post graduate program in Management

Choosing a right management program is really tough for a fresher student. Student should first prepare a list of top post graduate program in management than choose the best one that suits you completely. It is just matter of your interest so if you know in what things you find your attraction than it is the right answer of your confusion.


Adobe CQ5 Online Training

Adobe CQ5 Online Training program designed by Glory IT Technologies Certified Working Professionals. Our Adobe Experience Manager Training educates developers the fundamentals of building a custom AEM Application based on Components and templates. Our goal of the AEM Tutorial is to enable developers to create and understand basic AEM Development.


Cost Of Education Versus Benefit Of Education In California Universities.

The education sector has undergone massive transformation in the last five decades. Themes have significantly changed from equal access, access to quality education. The current dynamics of globalization, increase of local and international students in universities and of the online education, questions about the quality of education being offered by institutions of higher education has been questioned. The cost of higher education has escalated significantly in the past three decades.