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We offer high-quality rubber duck decoys and related products. Deeks are the world’s first mass produced duck decoy. Lightest Duck Decoys, Dozen Duck Decoys and News Anchor Duck Call. Take any lazy autumn morning after the duck season opens, when the sun is shafting down through an early morning haze and the leaves are turning the countryside into a painter’s paradise. Imagine a quiet slough, surrounded by a few gentle hills … quiet, that is, except for the odd labored breathing from two hunters wading through the thick gumbo at the edge of the slough, dragging a huge gunnysack of heavy wooden duck decoys between them while perspiration drips down their backs. Imagine the men to be John L. Feusner Sr. and his duck hunting partner, and you have the story of the birth of a multi-million dollar idea . … the collapsible rubber duck decoy . . . and the beginning of a rubber products manufacturing business started 67 years ago.

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Laurent Bernard Chocolate is a premier chocolate shop offering the best artisanal chocolates in Singapore. Discover our range of luxury chocolates now. Born in France, Laurent Bernard discovered a passion for pastry and chocolate very early on, after learning his trade he left for London, he joined an iconic establishment, the Gavroche, then the Waldorf where he discovered his passion for chocolate. During his career he worked in iconic hotels around the world to finally arrive in Singapore where he opened his first chocolate shop in 2006. Voted several times for the "Best Chocolate" and "Best Cake" Chef Laurent Bernard is an expert in his field on whom you can count.

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