How To Setup HP Envy 2621 Printer

HP Envy 2621 Printer Setup 1. Firstly, open the packaging box of HP Envy 2621 Printer, and keep aside printer, installation CD, and power module. 2. The installation CD can be used for installation of software drivers for both Windows and Mac. For downloading and updating software drivers, do visit 123.hp.com/setup2621 3. Now, remove the printer from the packaging box using handles on the printer bag. 4. Next, do keep aside getting start guide and installation guide. 5. Now, remove the caps on either side of the printer and then remove the printer from the printer bag. 6. Do peel off the blue tapes from the surface of the printer. 7. Thereafter, do lower the output tray and the ink cartridge across the door. 8. Next, do remove the packing material and then close the ink cartridge access area and also the Output tray. 9. Finally, do lift the paper input tray and then do check for packaging material.

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