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LED Touch Screen Hard Floor Cordless with Vacuum Cleaner 400W Handheld Vacuum

About this item :

- LED TOUCH DISPLAY : With the 2022 upgraded digital touch screen, the WLUPEL stick vacuum is more convenient to control and get the real time status including battery levels, suction performance, brush stuck alert, suction blockage alert. No more worries about hitting a button by mistake with a traditional button vacuum.

- 400W BRUSHLESS MOTOR : Forget those weak vacuums that always have residue, our WLUPEL cordless vacuum is equipped with 400W powerful motor to ensure an unprecedented suction up to 33kPa, dedicated to picking up all surface debris and deeply embedded dirt, beats 90% of the vacuum cleaners on the market.

- DEEP CLEAN FOR CARPET : Thanks to the 2-in-1 upgraded roller, this cordless stick vacuum cleaner is easy to handle multiple surfaces including hardwood floors, low and mid pile carpet. 3 adjustable suction modes makes the carpet cleaner easy to capture pet hair, cat litter, pet food, and other messes.

- 50MINS RUN TIME : The handheld vacuum is equipped with 7-cell 2200mAh battery. They work together to ensure one thorough cleaning of a whole house of 2000 sq ft for a maximum of 50mins runtime. The battery is detachable, so you can charge either the stick vacuum integrated or the battery separated.

- EASY TO CLEAN & STORE: Say goodbye to dust inhalation. You don’t have to squat down and open the cup with both hands, simply press the key gently and it’s done. You can also put the included brush and flat nozzle on the wall mounted rack for future use.

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