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Managed Security Services India | SOC Services - NTT

"Know more about how NTT helped a leading software company in fortifying organization-wide security through real-time, proactive and actionable insights.

Website - https://www.netmagicsolutions.com/security/managed-detection-and-response/security-operations-center

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Improve your Security Posture with Web Application Penetration Testing

It is the method of breaking into a Web application through various attacks or threats until its weaknesses are uncovered, and solutions are found. With web application penetration testing, you can discover and patch security vulnerabilities in your web application before being exploited by an attacker. Cyber Security Hive is the number one option for high-quality web application penetration testingservices in the USA and other cybersecurity services like Vulnerability Management, Vulnerability Assessment, and SOC.


5 Simple Cybersecurity Rules To Follow At Home

Much has been written about proper cybersecurity safeguards for those working from remote locations.While remote workers need to be aware and educated regarding precautions to guard against a data breach to their corporate business network, the same holds true for those using their devices for mostly leisure activities.Taking some necessary precautions need not be complicated.


6 Common Mistakes Computer Users Must Avoid

  If you’ve had a computer system for any real length of time, then it’s more than likely that you’ve had at least one encounter where your system has failed to boot or your hard drive has crashed. In instances like that, we can lose, virtually everything we ever saved on our computer systems, especially …