Locksmith in Dubai Marina

We are your Dubai local locksmith and we know that your home holds some of your most valuable possessions.Dubai Marina Locksmith can provide you with the piece of mind that you need. We provides a variety of services and a large variety of locking hardware in Dubai that can keep your home both safe and secure.

Power Factor Control (APFC) Relays

Power factor control relays play perhaps one of the most important and at the same time, one of the most difficult roles in places where high and controlled amount of electricity is applicable. This includes large factories or schools or colleges. Power factor control relays especially are necessary for colleges because the students are educated on the basis of the various types of voltage and ampere fluctuations in practical labs. However, all relays cannot be said to be accurate and, therefore, there is a need of a very accurate and precise control relay. Easy Installation This power relay is very easy to install and does not in any manner prove difficult to understand. Further, it is also small in size which only facilitates the ease of installation. The intelligent capacitor status indicator of this power factor controller with display is one innovative idea. It indicates how many capacitors are switched on or off, thus adding an exclusive feature to the device.The power factor relays have a very long life because of the durable materials used to manufacture it. The device is also lightweight. Features Micro Controller Based TRUE RMS PF Measurement. Pluggable Connectors, Plug & Play operation. Auto / Manual Operation. Measurement sensitivity 0.1% (Class – 0.1) Bigger Display, Visibility From Distance. User Friendly Program keys for Target PF, Switching On Delay, Off Delay & Manual Switching mode. Hunt free operation. Multi Parameter front panel display parameters: PF, kVAr, Current, Volt, kVA, KW, CT Ratio & Current Sensitivity.

Interior Basement Waterproofing

Choose Mini X Foundation & Waterproofing for the complete solution to all your water-leaking problems. Our specialized interior basement waterproofing service is one of a kind. We do a thorough inspection followed by a permanent fix to the damage or crack. We give a guarantee of 20 years.