Build an Image Recognizer on your dataset

If you do not have a dataset in-hand, you can scrape images from Google Images and make up a dataset of your choice. In order to do so, simply install Fatkun Batch Download Image extension on your google chrome browser and download any set of google images by clicking the extension tab. Place all images of the same class under the same folder and name it accordingly with the class label.


How to Start Competing on Kaggle

You’ve just completed your first machine learning course and you’re not sure where to begin applying your newfound knowledge. You could start small by playing with the Iris dataset or combing through the Titanic records (and this is probably the first thing that you should do). But what’s more fun than jumping straight in and competing with random strangers on the internet for money?


Top 10 Software Testing Course in India

The demand for genuine, user-friendly, and dependable software is increasing as a result of the software industry’s rapid expansion. However, despite the enormous demand for reliable software, its quality cannot be compromised. Therefore, it is essential to test the product for flaws before putting it to use in a professional setting. Testing guarantees that the programme complies with requirements and can effectively produce the required outputs.


Top Cyber Security Tips and Practices

When the internet was taking a new shape, it was limited with limited users, but with time the internet became unlimited with unlimited users. In this digital era, the internet is a medium of working for the military, corporate, government, financial, and medical organizations. These organizations collect, process, and store valuable data on devices and computers.


Top 10 Big Data Courses in India

With the increase in digitization, Data is exponentially increasing with vast amounts of digital data everyday. We can say Data is the fuel of the future technology world. Data has two primary forms: structured data and unstructured data. Traditional application software can handle small and simple data, but when it comes to a huge volume of data with more complexity, the term big data is used to describe it. Big Data considers data that is very complex, huge, and multiplying with time. To handle big data, we need unique algorithms and processors. Example: data on Facebook.


Agile Testing Company | Agile Automation Testing Services- Testrig

Testrig Technologies provides to our customers with a comprehensive testing solution using a variety of frameworks, including test-driven development (TDD), behavior-driven development (BDD), and others. In order to satisfy consumers, Agile testing automation services company - Testrig technologies offer comprehensive solutions to their challenges and emphasize observable advantages.



As it’s name implies, it is a simple and efficient marketing technique which an entrepreneur can choose for best product sale and financial growth. How ever MLM Says good bye to usual traditional marketing concepts and follows a versatile marketing techniques to boost up your sales. This risk free platform gives you more opportunity to attain financial boom with in a fixed time.

Are you planning to start a MLM business ? then what should be your topmost concern before you start?

Obviously we can say that network marketing plans are life blood of any MLM business. Choosing a best MLM plan is one of the most important step in your business. Network marketing plans are mostly comprised with compensation distribution and calculations. It mostly deals with commissions,bonuses and other calculations.

How ever the question is, which one to opt in your MLM business a custom plan or a pre-set MLM plan?

There are many pre designed and diverse MLM plans available around you. each plan is distinct in it’s work mechanism and compensation structure


20+ Best Web Development Projects

Here in this web development projects there are around 1.7 billion websites, according to estimates, with the number changing on a regular basis. The internet is massive, with 4.5 billion people participating in global online exchanges. The digital revolution and the rapid development of taking our businesses online deserve all of the credit. It was not an overnight metamorphosis; it was a long process.


The Following 5 Factors Will Influence Future Payments

Modern technology and changing consumer demands are spurring innovation that puts a premium on speed, near-real-time payments, frictionless interactions, and decentralized systems. In addition to the epidemic, the rapid expansion of digital trade has produced record payment volumes across most markets.