What is the need of Magento 2 product attachments extension

The admin can easily upload attachment files from the product grid directly & also can assign it to the product from the manage product page with Magento 2 product attachments extension. With product attachments, you greatly enhance the customer's shopping experience. All necessary information is instantly available on the product page, so customers don't need to contact the store owner.


IDO Launchpad Development - Make your fundraise in easy way

IDO Launchpad is a platform tool for fundraising for your venture business. it runs on a decentralization network. This is a new type of avails your token, and coin to the public investors in a decentralization manner. In case after the launch of your token price surges depends on the market crisis it's more amplified for your investors. If you are a startup business entrepreneur is this your best way to collect your capital from IDO Launchpad. If you are seeking your fundraising model for your business further to address your futuristic ideas into the best IDO Launchpad Development Company. Maticz will guide you in an admirable IDO Launchpad in a short time period and we have proflicient technologies are synthesise your launchpad in an effective way


Sales CRM is a software application that helps businesses manage their sales

Sales CRM - is an indispensable tool for sales managers who constantly strive to keep their team organized and productive. Our easy-to-use application helps to track leads, convert them into buyers and manage them throughout their entire lifecycles. It automates different processes of acquiring and processing high-quality leads, shortening the sales cycle and increasing your conversion rates. We offer a variety of reports that enable you to create a detailed picture of your business.



Flex Genius give easily the best worker rewards package which is absolutely adjustable so with our offering you can provide your employees the rewards that they will appreciate the most and so like the most. So, these are easily the greatest benefits that you can give to all of your employees and will be completely appreciated, it?s like treating your employees like top-class passengers. And offering staff these flexible and top class benefits will mean that you get a much better likelihood of keeping those brilliant personnel and so retaining your most loved staff. So, give the staff the perks that they will really appreciate and make sure that you have the most cheerful and most successful staff attainable with these fantastic adjustable perks.

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Best Monetisation Infrastructure to Automate Your Sales Workflow - Voiro Ad Revenue Optimization

Get the best Monetisation Infrastructure to Automate Your Sales Workflow. Automate your AdOps to speed up your data-driven decision-making to drive greater visibility into delivery and risk metrics. Voiro offers best programmatic advertising solutions to simplifies your ad sales and ad ops workflows, giving you a single view of revenue with accurate, real-time reconciled revenue data.