Ramco wins 'High Performing Partnership' Award at 2024 ISG Paragon Awards™ ANZ

Bagged in collaboration with its esteemed client, New Zealand’s leading telecommunications provider, the coveted title demonstrates the seamless collaboration and shared objectives of the partnership

Sydney, AUSTRALIA – March 04, 2024 – Leading global payroll software provider Ramco Systems announced that it has won the 2024 ISG Paragon Awards™ ANZ ‘High Performing Partnership’ Award, in collaboration with its esteemed client a leading New Zealand telecommunications provider. The recognition marks a milestone achievement in their journey towards innovation and excellence.

Content Moderation Services Human Moderation Objectways

Objectways is a leading provider of content moderation services, offering human expertise in managing and monitoring online content. With a focus on creating a secure online environment for businesses, Objectways specializes in moderating various forms of media including images, text, videos, and audio. As one of the top content moderation companies in the industry, Objectways prides itself on delivering effective solutions to ensure that all user-generated content meets strict quality standards. By outsourcing their content moderation needs to Objectways, businesses can rest assured knowing that their online platforms are being carefully monitored by experienced professionals. Contact Objectways today to learn more about how they can provide reliable and efficient content moderation services for your company's specific needs.

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PACS Imaging Software Avanttec Medical Systems

PACS Imaging Software, developed by companies like Avanttec Medical Systems, allows healthcare providers to store, retrieve, and distribute medical images like X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs digitally, eliminating the need for physical films and facilitating seamless access to patient data. The software's ability to integrate with hospital information systems has empowered physicians, radiologists, and other healthcare professionals to access crucial patient information in real time.

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The integration of monday.com and HubSpot heralds a new era of streamlined workflow and enhanced productivity. Through this synergy, businesses can seamlessly synchronize data, automate processes, and optimize collaboration. monday.com's intuitive project management capabilities complement HubSpot's robust CRM functionalities, empowering teams to efficiently manage tasks, track leads, and nurture customer relationships. This integration fosters agility and scalability, enabling organizations to realize their full potential by harnessing the combined power of Monday.com and HubSpot.

What Does It Cost to Hire an Outlook Add-in Developer

Many organizations and professionals opt for custom Outlook add-in development to extend the functionality of Outlook at its best. This is where the expertise of the developer becomes valuable. When you opt to build Outlook add-ins you are required to find the right programmer who can execute the tasks well and provide you with the desired results. Hiring outlook add-ins developers involves myriad factors that one should consider.

Microsoft has designed a secure environment for Office 365 Add-ins development that caters to the needs of data protection. This environment is backed by a thorough review process and clear guidelines, which ensure that all add-ins meet the required security and compliance standards. This way, businesses can be assured that their data is being handled securely and responsibly.

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