Realistic Dumpling Squishy toys

Shop for an exclusive range of Realistic dumpling squishy toy at an affordable price. There are some new offers at meow squishes. Our dumpling squishy toys made of elastic PU foam and non toxic. when you look at it this toy, you will feel elated and jubilant. Further information about product is given below. 1. Applicable age- >6 years old 2. PU material Free shipping on all orders over $45, just visit our website link.


Henna Tint For Eyebrows

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Cake Straps Slow Decompression Toys

Shop for colorful cake strap decompression toys online at $5.99 and discover your style at meowsqushies.com. Take advantage of fast & free shipping on all orders and get 20% OFF. Cake strap toys features a PU elastic material, also available in 4 different color. These soft and fragment toy can heal the mind just like a real strawberry cake. More details about this product is given below. 1. Size- 8*7.5*5cm 2. Quantity- 1pcs. 3. Style- toy/strawberry cake.

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black power apparel

Considered to be the most successful slave rebellion that caused the Republic of Haiti to be founded and more importantly erased slavery permanently, this hoodie features a gruesome, yet crucial scene from the rebellion – the second phase of justice meted out by black slaves to their white oppressors in the French colony of Saint-Domingue, the rightful retribution.


Squishy Cute Yellow Duck Bread Toys

Are you looking for cheap squishes toys, so, don’t wait, Meowquishies offers a Squishy cute, Yellow duck bird toys and more. Take advantage of fast & free shipping on all orders and get 20% OFF.

Cute yellow duck toys features a PU elastic material and random color style and this toy will make you elated and feel happy when you squeeze it. Following are the details of this product -

1. Slow rising- more than 20 second. 2. Elastic PU material used. 3. Size: 8*8cm. 4. Color- Yellow. 5. Style: toy/yellow duck 6. Quantity- 1pcs. 7. Package content- 1x cute squishy yellow duck toy.


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