Sri Venkateswara Rice Industry

We are manufacturers and exporters of rice and by-products from paddy processing. Our plant is located adjacent to Rajahmundry ADB road in Peddapuram, west of Pandavulametta, a holy hill on which it is believed that Pandavas of the epic Mahabharata dwelled while on their exile. We are 23 Km away from Kakinada and well connected with sea ports of Vishakhapatnam and Kakinada through roads.


Customize a Photo Frame Online Now

Photos are for keeps. Photo frames are to display those treasures beautifully. You can now add your personal touch to photo frames you use at your home or plan to gift to a loved one by customizing them. Photo frames can be customized using messages and texts which one can relate to. You can now do this all and much more at online platforms like Photohaat.


Regalo di anniversario

Con Fototesto.com è possibile convertire una immagini in testo in pochi secondi, bastano pochi clic. Un foto testo è un elemento decorativo perfetto per le pareti di casa ed un regalo originale e personalissimo per la famiglia o per l'anniversario di matrimonio. For more information please visit http://www.fototesto.com/


Under pressure drilling

Having the expertise to perform an Under pressure drilling through Under pressure drilling concrete walls, creating branched pipe from digesters and reservoirs is the most challenging work. The innovative diamond tipped tapping machine provides a clean cut through the concrete wall, allowing access to the water. Now a days there are any plants and industries are running which requires frequent and proper repairing, updating and installation of machineries for continues working, which are many assets of any organization.


Why Aluminum Fences Are The Best To Ensure Security

The exact same rule applies to client appointments, deadlines, and so on. A great gate can be an excellent deterrent for would be intruders. There are various variations of aluminum fences and have been modified to give much better looks and safety to your back again garden.