Brownless Cleaning Specialists Ltd

Address: Block B, Unit 4, Faverdale Industrial Estate Faverdale W Darlington DL3 0FX

Phone: (0) 13257 90561

Email: hello@brownless.uk

Cleaning Experts We cover all kinds of various tasks and are experts in the complying with areas:

Construction cleaning Our MD Fran has learnt through hard work and determination exactly what your site managers need from a construction cleaning squad. She works hard daily to pass this knowledge down to the Brownless teams including Laura our Operations Assistants, our specialized Team Leaders and moreover onto our amazing and charming cleaners. We actually do aim to continue to find out and teach. It's impossible to recruit cleaners with straight construction experience that actually works, so we've created our own inhouse training programme ensuring our cleaners use the very best methods and treatments to obtain the most effective task performed in one of the most reliable time.

Recruitment We have uncovered that there is a need for an expert cleaner recruitment service. Through experience of requiring support for our own cleaning business we discovered that in fact, because of our experience we can do it much better. Brownless Recruitment has been bored out of this frustration and we wish to help various other businesses locate the right cleaners for their teams! We have our very own full-time, in-house cleaner recruitment service and we're delighted to share it with you!

Training We sussed it out! We understand what approaches work best on a construction site. We know just how to prevent scratching home windows and removing glues in the most safe way and we understand just how to make our site managers delighted with their item. So we wish to aid the sector obtain these skills. This service isn't currently available anywhere and the cleaning market does not have access to this knowledge openly in all. By using our expert-led construction cleaner training programme your team will certainly be well-equipped to thrive when they go it alone. Our training services can be supplied to cleaners in our Darlington HQ and will be educated on live construction sites around North Yorkshire and the North East genuine job experience. It's hands on and genuine live high quality experience. Sole trading cleaners looking to upskill and supply even more services to their portfolio will certainly like this. Similarly huge companies seeking outside assistance to upskill their interior cleaning team will certainly discover this part of our service extremely helpful. Nothing like this exists so we such as to assume it's the begin of something special.

Contract cleaning Maintenance is vital for a variety of reasons, and our team recognize the demand for normal, top quality cleans on your premises. With adaptable contracts around your requirements, our reliable and specialized workforce keep on top of your regular upkeep cleans.


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