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Vintage bags are back in fashion. The looks vintage bags give to your overall attire can’t be matched with any other bags. Be it Potli bags, boho bags, or banjara bags, each of them is making a craze among the women to grab the best one. The colorful design that these bags attract anyone. Who doesn’t want attraction pertaining to bags? Shopolics.com fulfills that desire in the most affordable manner.


Wood Dust Maker (Lab Mechanical Crusher)

UECIN online manufacturing site has the best quality of wood dust maker. Lab Crusher is used for a preparation of a wood meal from the samples of different woods used for chemical analysis. We offer four blades rotor via 200 mm operating at 400 to 800 rpm.


Laboratory Wood Chipper

Get the best wood chipper from India’s leading manufacturing site UECIN. A wood chipper is used for a preparation of chips from wood, bamboo and other similar material for laboratory cooking trial and educational purposes.


Tearing Resistance Tester (Touch Screen Controlled Model)

Searching for tearing resistance tester? UECIN provide the best instrument for measuring the resistance against tearing of paper, board, plastic films and other similar materials. We have interchangeable pendulum for the different range like 0-2000 mN. (Extra Light), 0-8000 mN. (Light, A), 0-16000 mN. (Medium, B), 0-32000 mN. (Heavy, C) in attractive prices.


Best supplement for muscle gain

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