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Options To Keep Your Child Safe Online - Blog - Telemantrra Broadband

There are few Effective Ways To Protect Your WiFi Home Connection And Keep Your Child Safe Online. Following are the ways to do it. 1) Monitor Network Traffic, Restrict Site Access 2) Set Router WPA Security 3) Create Router Password 4) Restrict Admin Access 5) Teach Kids Location Privacy 6) Maintain Screen Visibility 7) Restrict Times To Go Online 8) Discuss Online Dangers With Kids Check our blog and know more in detail.

Internet Exchange Points IXPs And How They Help the Internet

Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) are a key component of the global Internet infrastructure, providing a reliable and secure platform for the exchange of traffic between different networks. The importance of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) cannot be overstated, as they are an essential part of the global Internet infrastructure.

Make Your Online Learning Easy With The Best Internet Service Provider in Pune - Telemantrra Broadband

Make your online learning easy with telemantrra broadband in Pune. With Telemantrra you can upload and download files quickly. No more disturbance while you watch videos. You will get is uninterrupted, high speed internet service at an affordable price. Choose the internet plans as per your needs and get your internet connection today. Continue reading our blog.