Multi Warehouse Product Low Stock Notification Alert

Advance Product Low Stock Alert Notification odoo app helps users to get email notification for low stock product based on on hand or forecasted quantity. Users can also set notification mode based on global, individual, or reorder rule based. Users can set minimum quantity for product and product variant, Only configured users will get email notification for low stock products. It also allows generating stock alerts based on multi warehouses.


Website Hide Price Add to Cart and Qty on Shop

Hide-Disable Price, Qty and Add to Cart Option on Shop Odoo App helps users to disable product details on the website. Users can configure or tick on disable product details on shop/product page based on that select disable option for non login/public user and all users. Users can disable product price, qty option and add to cart button on shop/product page.


Customer Wise Payment Acquirers Payment Acquirer Restriction

Customer Wise Payment Acquirers Odoo App is used to configure payment acquirers and put restrictions on it. If you tick the 'Is Public' checkbox on payment acquirer then it will display for all customers in the e-commerce checkout page. Users will have the option to choose customers on payment acquirer and that particular payment acquirer only visible to selected customers.When users set payment acquirers as per the particular customer then only those customers will see that payment acquirers in the eCommerce checkout page.


Use Cases for Azure Virtual Desktop - ECF Data

Because of the continuous shift in work environments and behaviours, more and more employees crave options to allow us to thrive despite the changes we experience. It also caused the rise of dependency on virtual machines and cloud platforms and for companies to support a hybrid environment. Virtual Desktop Solutions became the aptest solution, facilitating remote access and enhanced mobility. Moreover, it permits using a secure and flexible work experience across multiple devices and networks. Compared to physical desktops that limit employees to the office, virtual desktops deliver a new set of advantages.

What is Azure Virtual Desktop?

Stepping up in the virtual desktop game is the Azure Virtual Desktop. Powered by Azure, AVD is a cloud-based, multi-session, and comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service. It offers a unified management experience that can run on Windows 7, 10, and 10 multi-sessions, depending on how it is configured. Many organizations treat AVD as an asset because it provides several advantages, such as reducing costs, promoting secure work, maximizing cloud investment value, and simplifying modern work environments. Compared to Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop offers the flexibility of a desktop solution. We’ve made another article that goes more in-depth about this, which you can read HERE (link: https://www.ecfdata.com/azure-virtual-desktop-or-windows-365/). But on this page, we go through some examples of potential use cases.


Opportunity Management

Opportunity management entails keeping track of every opportunity and fostering it so that it might develop into a possible customer. The opportunity management software aids in monitoring and managing opportunities at each stage of a pipeline. You'll be able to keep track of every opportunity and promptly conclude deals. Features like Process Mapping, Process Optimization, One Reference Place, and Zero Duplication are included with Office24by7 Opportunity Management.


Everything You Need to Know About System Hardening

Cybersecurity is one of the essential topics in both the business and IT world. However, this topic can seem pretty overwhelming to average business owners. IT security is a complicated subject, and it can be challenging to understand advanced security protocols. The good thing about IT security is that it is a layered practice. System hardening will help you in learning about the cybersecurity approach. It will set up the groundwork for a secure IT infrastructure.