Is An Assessor Training Course Certificate Difficult To Obtain

An assessor is a person who helps and evaluates students who are working toward achieving a vocational assessor certificate in a setting such as a college, training centre, or workplace. It is the job of an assessor to ensure that trainees fulfil the occupational requirements necessary to get their credentials, and this is one of their responsibilities. Many of the positions that require an assessor certificate involve both teaching and evaluating in some capacity.

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KnowledgeHound Most Sought-After Product Release With Rapid Reports

Today, KnowledgeHound, the only search-based analytics solution in the world designed for survey data, announced the release of its most-requested product, which is called Rapid Reports. Whether you need full crosstabs or want to zoom in on a specific visualization of your data, Rapid Reports by KnowledgeHound is designed to fit into your existing workflow. This is the case whether you need full crosstabs or not.

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Freelancer vs Agency Developer: Which One To Hire?

As an entrepreneur, you finally decided to digitize your business. You have a brilliant idea for a product and are ready to take the next step. Whether you want to create a web app or a website, it is not an easy task, even with the brightest idea you might have, when you have no experience in writing code. So, in this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about hiring freelancers or agency developers.


How is computer vision transforming the in-store experience in retail industry - WriteUpCafe.com

It shouldn't be unexpected that retail organisations are becoming more interested in computer vision given the fact that many retail operations demand visual feedback and produce a lot of data. Computer vision could be an amazing retail execution solution but sadly only 3 percent of merchants now use computer vision technology, and 40 percent aim to do so in the next two years, according to a study.


How is intelligent video analytics beneficial for a business?

Video analysis solutions technology employs artificial intelligence to perform a variety of tasks by applying computer vision and deep learning to recorded or live video feeds. Other names for video analytics include intelligent video analytics and video content analysis. Innovative video analytics programmes are gaining popularity fast. Key adopters include businesses that have used video surveillance systems before the development of AI and those who seek to use the newest AI technology to address persistent problems.