Cloud Hosting Sydney

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Offshore Dedicated Server

Offshore dedicated servers feature a host of benefits including dedicated support, high-end security, exclusive access to server resources and 100% up time apart from cost effectivity over the long run. They offer unmatched scalability as their storage capacity can be increased in a few minutes.

MyLightHost : cPanel VPS, Dedicated Servers, Reseller and shared hosting service

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Сервисы и сео софт для раскрутки сайта.

В данной статье собраны бесплатные и платные сервисы и программы для продвижения сайтов (СЕО). В помощь веб-мастеру и оптимизатору приводим полезные программы и сервисы для раскрутки сайта.

Disable the ftp access for cpanle users

If the connection by default cpanel is enabled for ftp access, then hacker can easily steal account ftp and load the script. Thus, for the reason of security to disable access FTP for cpanel users means «» is the field and domain is the cpanel username you cannot access the ftp account using the domain user.