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 Casino Aladdin’s Gold casino first broke onto the scene in around 2004. Many other Microgaming and Playtech giants were already in operation by then, but the Real Time Gaming platform was just starting to make waves in the industry. The RTG platform suits Aladdin’s Gold well for a few reasons,...


Bet365 Casino - Casino Reviews 365

Bet365 Casino Recently Updated bet365 casino Bet365 is of the UK’s largest private casino companies. The impressive conglomerate has almost 1000 employees and service well over 2-million clients. Their popularity isn’t strictly land-based, either. By simply logging onto the net, you can visit their Bet365 online casino and take part...


50 stars casino - Casino Reviews 365

Playtech Software is some of the finest on the net in terms of online gaming. When you see a casino using this platform, you can rest assured that your game's graphics and controls will be on point. However, this doesn't have bearing on the overall casino. Other criterion is needed


Best Cricket Betting ID App of 2023 - Cricpay Blog

Cricket betting apps continue to get more and more popular in India every single year. With lots of benefits to using betting apps, this trend is sure to continue as well. Indian sports fans have a lot of choices of which betting apps for cricket to download onto their devices, no matter if they have an iOS phone or if they have an Android smartphone or tablet.


All Slots Casino - Casino Reviews 365

All Slots Casino     All Jackpots Casino is one of the competitors in today’s stiff world of casino competition. They’re a middling site, not quite royalty but also not among the bottom feeders. They excel in many categories that leave even the top casinos wondering how they’re able to...


DamanGames | Why Gambling is Popular in India? | DAMAN GAMES


DamanGames | Gambling in India is believed to be originated from different stories from the past and one of them is “Ramayana”. The story is believed to be written in 7300 BC from the Indian Sanskrit translated as “Rama’s Journey”. The story goes from a man called Rama, the eldest son of the great king Dasharatha, who won the hand of his wife Sita in a contest which is Archery Contest.

Also, one of the stories that are believed to be originated gambling in India is the story of “Shakuni”. The word Shakuni means “Large Bird” in Sanskrit word. The story goes from a man who gambles all his wealth, family, brothers, and himself in a game of dice and then drove them all from slavery after losing a defeat.

Dice or Cube is the first believed gambling device in India dated 300BC or which was later called “Pasa”. On the other hand, the first gambling in India is known to be with animals which are ram fights, cockfights, and then later proceed to the game we all know as horse racing. The origin of gambling in India comes from a long way past.


DamanGames | How to Make Money Online? | DAMAN GAMES

DamanGames provides a wide variety of money-making games that will enable registered players to make money online. DamanGames offers games such as Color Prediction Games, Aviator Pilot, European Roulette, Rummy Applications, Casino Online, Slot Machines, and many more.

DamanGames also offers events where you can get more and more prizes like diamonds, gold, gold treasure, and more.

DamanGames gives the opportunity for registered players to earn money with the use of a referral system. In addition to this, DamanGames expanded its generosity by providing Promote Mission where you can earn up to 450,000₹ or more money in DamanGames.



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21 Nova   In the world of online casinos, you have some that are simply run-of-the-mill, and some that work hard to exceed all expectations. One casino making an attempt to lean towards the latter is 21 Nova Casino. With their Playtech platform, 21 Nova offers players an instant Flash,...


All Jackpots Casino - Casino Reviews 365

All Jackpots Casino is one of the competitors in today's stiff world of casino competition. They're a middling site, not quite royalty but also not among the bottom feeders. They excel in many categories that leave even the top casinos wondering how they're able to offer such large jackpots to their players.